I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I honestly have never liked so many from a single photo shoot!! You Rock!!!

– Brooke

Just want to say: never have I seen so many useable shots from one session.  And especially out of a relatively small total.  I *knew* working with you was a good idea.

– Zach

It was really fun, and enormously helpful to me and my hair and my career.  I am very grateful. THANK YOU

– Martine

I love a TON of the pics. I’m having a REALLY hard time deciding [on which to touch up and use]!!!

– Jen

Aw shug!! I love those photos we took.

– Christina

You are en fuego.

– Walker

Justin is a great photographer with a huge heart!

– Allison

What a fun day!

– Amy

You are a great photographer and your headshots are not just beautiful, but full of life and personality! Never overdone, just right! Yours are still the best we’ve done for Michael.

– Michael’s mom, Elena


– Suzi


– Jamie

The picture is fucking perfect. I can’t thank you enough.  So thank you thank you thank you.

– Michele